309 Years Later

In the gripping cross-genre tale ‘309 Years Later,’ Omar faces a life-altering twist of fate. Just as he’s on the brink of surrendering his dream, an AI Algorithm propels him three centuries into the future to investigate the scourge of overpopulation.

However, instead of arriving in a futuristic world replete with advanced technology, he landed in a grim and dystopian realm known as Ariha—a land that bore an eerie resemblance to medieval times. He awoke in captivity, shackled within a cold, unforgiving cage, only to discover that he had been condemned to a merciless death at the hands of the village’s ruling lord.

Marie, the lord’s compassionate daughter, faces a moral dilemma as she’s tasked with executing Omar. Will she obey her father’s command, or will her inherent decency prevail? Is Omar truly in the future, and can he return to share his findings?

‘309 Years Later’ invites you on a relentless odyssey, blending Epic Fantasy with unyielding action, where destiny, love, and the unknown converge in a story you won’t want to miss.”

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Also available on Amazon and Rakuten kobo, although at a slightly higher price.

A Glimpse into the Future

Embark on a literary voyage that transcends the boundaries of time with 309 Years Later. This gripping novel takes readers on a journey 309 years into the future, unveiling a dystopian world that mirrors a bygone era.

The narrative seamlessly weaves together elements of science fiction, historical intrigue, and martial arts, promising a rich and immersive experience that goes beyond the conventional constraints of storytelling.

Prepare to be captivated by the vivid tapestry of this futuristic world and the challenges that await our protagonist, Omar Saladin.

Struggles of Today’s Youth Unveiled

In 309 Years Later, readers will be transported into the heart of the struggles faced by today’s youth. The novel casts a discerning eye on the dissonance between the values society imparts to its young minds and the harsh, often perplexing, realities they encounter.

Follow the journey of Omar Saladin, a passionate physicist, as he becomes an unwitting time traveler thrust into a world vastly different from his own. This profound exploration invites readers to resonate with the confusion, challenges, and triumphs of the protagonist, fostering a deep understanding of the intricate tapestry of the human experience.

Redemption, Resilience, and Timeless Themes

309 Years Later transcends the realms of a mere time-travel adventure; it is a narrative steeped in themes of redemption, resilience, and timeless human struggles. Omar Saladin’s unwavering spirit becomes a beacon of hope in a dystopian future, where he confronts societal norms and unravels the mysteries of time.

This book promises readers an emotional and intellectual odyssey, interweaving elements of adventure, self-discovery, and the enduring quest for a better future. Immerse yourself in a story that not only spans centuries but delves deep into the core of what it means to be human.

A Personal Note from the Author

As the creator of “309 Years Later,” I want to share the essence of this journey with you. This novel is more than just a time-travel adventure; it’s a reflection of the challenges we face today and the resilience within us to overcome them.

In crafting this story, I drew inspiration from the struggles of young people, the clash between societal ideals and harsh realities, and the power of individuals to challenge the status quo. Omar Saladin, our protagonist, embodies the strength found within us when faced with unexpected twists of fate.

Why should you choose “309 Years Later”? It’s more than a mere escape into a dystopian future; it’s an exploration of human character, the impact of choices, and the possibility of redemption. This book invites you to ponder the complexities of society and the timeless themes that resonate with us all.

I believe in the transformative power of storytelling, and I hope this tale sparks a journey within you. Thank you for considering “309 Years Later” as your companion on this adventure.

An excerpt from

309 years later

In the village of Ariha, Omar finds himself ensnared in a web of mystery and hostility. Shackled within a cage, he navigates the dark alleys of a medieval-like world. Confronted by the unpredictable whims of the villagers, his fate hangs in the balance.
As the night shrouds the village in silence, Omar’s resilience sparks a flame of hope. Marie, the compassionate daughter of the ruling lord, emerges as an unexpected ally in the face of adversity. Yet, the primitive customs of Ariha and its ruthless interrogations thrust Omar into a trial where survival becomes a game of wits.

Amidst the torment, a revelation unfolds. Omar, armed with knowledge from his time, attempts to bridge the gap between worlds. In a gripping exchange, he unveils the secrets of Earth’s rotation, unaware that this revelation will unravel the fabric of time itself.

Join Omar on this relentless odyssey where the past and present collide, and the journey through Ariha unveils a truth far more intricate than he could have ever imagined.
Also available on Amazon and Rakuten kobo, although at a slightly higher price.

Book Reviews

I truly loved the book! Omar’s character is a perfect example of going from zero to hero. The way the events unfold throughout the book is just mesmerizing. The author successfully described what most of youth feel and go through, especially when they have ambitions and aspirations. I could relate a lot to what Omar was feeling, not only because I am Moroccan too, but also because we’re both the exact same age — 27! There are many life lessons inked in this book about leadership, family and values. My favourite one is that when you’re kind enough to do the right thing, the future’s got your back — literally!
Highly recommend this great book.
SO good!
Mr Tarik has mastered the story 100%, and what a story it is!
Loved it start to finish. Definitely one of the very best of the genre this year, it toke you to different places, different cultures and yet, you feel like it’s reel. I liked the way everything was described, More, please.
Congratulations Tarik – great first book. Intriguing storyline with a creative mind. It keeps the reader thinking ‘what next’ and finally, the twist at the end – love it. Look forward to reading your next book. Namaste JQ