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By day, I’m an engineer; by night, an author weaving tales of wonder.

I’m Tarik

Fantasy Author

My audiences are passionate cinephiles and avid readers of Fantasy, History, and Romance. With a cinematic writing style, I transport readers into a world where every page feels like a scene on the big screen.

Tarik Bouchnayf’s Debut Nove!

309 years later

Tarik Bouchnayf

Tarik Bouchnayf is a Moroccan author and a dynamic voice in the realm of fantasy literature, celebrated for his vivid and enthralling storytelling. As the author of several fantasy novels, including the latest trilogy “The Other Realm”, Bouchnayf has carved a unique niche in the genre.

His works are renowned for their graphic scenes that immerse readers in vividly detailed settings, fast-paced action that keeps the pages turning, deeply woven romantic threads, and mind-twisting plots that captivate and surprise.

Bouchnayf’s mastery in blending these elements has made him a beloved author among fantasy fans who crave depth, excitement, and a touch of the unexpected in their reading experiences.

Tarik had the chance to
live in five beautiful cities!

Tarik spends most of his time reading books. And writing one was on his bucket list. Eventually, 309 Years Later came to light.

Omar, a passionate physicist, can’t believe his luck when he is selected for a special time-travel mission.

Chosen by the House agency using an algorithm, Omar’s mission is to study the effects of overpopulation more than three hundred years in the future.

When the mission goes awry, Omar lands in a strange dystopian future as a condemned prisoner on death row, his dream mission now a nightmare. Will Omar be able to escape his execution, unravel the past and make it back home in time?

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How to buy my books online?

How to buy my books online?

Emerge yourself in the world of sci-fi, romance, and mystery. The rising fans list gives me clue that most of you liked my works which I carefully crafted after several years of hard work. My books do acclaim to be fictional but my readers know they all touch the...

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My new trilogy coming by the end of the year!

My new trilogy coming by the end of the year!

Time moves with the speed of light, and the work I began seven years ago is finally getting some concluding touches. My new trilogy, The Empire and Rebels, will be out this year where readers will have the chance to revisit past events and their resemblance with...

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